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small things that made my days….


IMG_1968 web

shared breakfasts – this spot with its morning sun – this almost familiar plate by now – the blues above us and the goldens around us – and the little someone who fell in love with all of it, too






small things that made my days….





IMG_1146 web

chairs ….awaiting an audience

IMG_1040 web

tool ….or jointed bits and pieces

IMG_1052 web

glaze ….big cups for ice and tiny cups for everything in one’s mind

IMG_1245 web

bull ….met en route

IMG_1143 web

tulip ….out growing our smallest vase









small things that made my days….



IMG_0149 web

these tiny bits ….or the bright shiny orange they will be next summer

IMG_0107 web

these flies ….still summer, still summer

IMG_0150 web

these duo ….arranged themselves so very well

IMG_0239 web

these sandals ….reappeared after the longest search and just in time to be worn a little longer

IMG_0064 web.jpg

this scene ….the (almost) aftermath of a late summer meal









small things that made my days….


IMG_1135 web

this elephant ….because.

IMG_1151 web

this bowl ….contemplating about its glaze

IMG_0037 web

these old sheets ….and the construction, but mostly the shade

IMG_0027 web

these summer feet ….always on the move and mostly bare

IMG_0056 web

these aubergines ….new to me and home grown










small things that made my days….


IMG_0752 web

yellow ….color swatch

IMG_0765 web

sparkles ….chocolate aftermath

IMG_0769 web

concrete ….surface test

IMG_0786 web

snow ….and this view

IMG_0806 web

tea cups ….accidental still life









small things that made may days ….


IMG_0566 web

these empty bowls ….well, actually the cake

IMG_0502 Kopie web

these images ….floating imagination

IMG_0640 web

these scene ….someone’s keeping track of the warm spots for the starter hidden in there

IMG_0668 web

this corner ….magically empty today

IMG_0603 web

this sky ….two unexpected days of snow