annemarie oechslin

small things that made my days ….





IMG_8608 web

these botas ….for being fixed once more

IMG_8347 web

these board game ….and endless play rounds

IMG_8248 web

these french cookies ….lost and found in the cabinet. made my day and some little one’s, too

IMG_8523 web

these eggs ….color experiments with a little fellow. all dyes made with kitchen staples and some vinegar magic for marvelous eyes

IMG_8599 web

this book ….about icebergs, penguins, famous Antarctic explorers, and being abord of an icebreaker (Sophie Scott goes South)




small things that made my days ….





these hot chocolates ….the perfect sweet afternoon break with my little someone


these berries ….brightening up the wintry grey


this little guy ….and his friends for their cheerful walk on cold grounds


these hand stitched stitches ….for the fix and for being just that


this bread ….finally there