annemarie oechslin

small things that made my days ….



IMG_5809 web

this iced water ….finally it’s the season

IMG_5829 web

this wet curls ….looking like this after the long awaited summer siesta naps

IMG_5827 web

this little plant ….for growing strong despite the cold temperatures / and because it’s from one of these fruits >>

IMG_5765 web

this pot full of paint ….and the good as new balcony 

IMG_5613 web

this smell ….and the now ready to drink sirup 

small things that made my days ….



IMG_5446 copy web

this red rectangle shape ….and the current imperfection of geometrical figures

IMG_5605 web

this ‘book’ ….fifty something loose pages with images of the Rhônegletscher from 1770 to 1965, collected by M.Oe.

IMG_5596 web

these delicate dried heart shaped flowers ….for unexpectedly falling out of a book after all these years and for being a sweet little memory of H. and her little garden

IMG_5523 web

these salmon pink benches ….nice, even when very very wet

IMG_5561 web

this wooden floor ….and the ship, and travelling with it for some hours on some days in a short amount of time, musing about larger waters


Video auf dem Schiff !  Jetzt zu sehen…. bis 16. Mai 2016


immer und immer wieder

Video, 2016

7. bis Pfingstmontag, 16. Mai 2016

Flüelen 9:46 – Luzern 12:47 / Kurs 12 / alle Tage
Luzern 14:12 – Flüelen 16:55 / Kurs 23 / Montag-Samstag
Luzern 15:12 – Flüelen 18:03 / Kurs 25 / Sonntag
Eintritt: gültiges Schiffsbillett /  Fahrplan mit allen Stationen

7. Mai 2016 / von Luzern 14:12 – Flüelen 16:55 bin ich mit auf dem Schiff !


Sehnsucht 2016

….ein paar Video Stills gibt es auch als Postkarten !



Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-06 um 12.59.28