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small things that made my days ….


IMG_5937 Kopie

dried gold ….elderberry flowers

IMG_5922 web

new cup ….patiently pinched and well loved by a little potterer

IMG_5888 web

yellow calendulas ….grown just like this by last year’s laziness

IMG_5924 web

these colors ….food experiments on the bright side

IMG_5928 web

dinner ….a rainy June season called for a special meal








small things that made my days ….


IMG_2552 web

dotted shells ….and the tiniest sunny side ups

IMG_2587 web

braids ….anything that won’t be braided these days

IMG_2560 web

cats ….the latest cheery adition around here

IMG_2554 web

summer ….colorful days to be filled with whatever comes to mind

IMG_2439 web

sun tea ….bottled summer scents





small things that made my days….


IMG_1968 web

shared breakfasts – this spot with its morning sun – this almost familiar plate by now – the blues above us and the goldens around us – and the little someone who fell in love with all of it, too









small things that made my days….



IMG_0149 web

these tiny bits ….or the bright shiny orange they will be next summer

IMG_0107 web

these flies ….still summer, still summer

IMG_0150 web

these duo ….arranged themselves so very well

IMG_0239 web

these sandals ….reappeared after the longest search and just in time to be worn a little longer

IMG_0064 web.jpg

this scene ….the (almost) aftermath of a late summer meal