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small things that made my days….


IMG_1135 web

this elephant ….because.

IMG_1151 web

this bowl ….contemplating about its glaze

IMG_0037 web

these old sheets ….and the construction, but mostly the shade

IMG_0027 web

these summer feet ….always on the move and mostly bare

IMG_0056 web

these aubergines ….new to me and home grown







small things that made my days….





these peaches ….sweet and juicy, hard to share


these colors ….pretty shades of pink


this sign ….late summer days at a southern lake


this scene ….right next to my desk


these lilacs ….and the scent of summer in our appartement









small things that made my days….



IMG_6318 web

this morning view ….we happily called this place ‘home’ for a short few days

IMG_6181 web

this scene ….when the lunch box matches the airplane table

IMG_6170 web

this tomato ….and the many green ones we can’t wait to turn yellow

IMG_6351 web

and this color ….for real !

IMG_6359 web

this cup ….finally

small things that made my days ….



IMG_5809 web

this iced water ….finally it’s the season

IMG_5829 web

this wet curls ….looking like this after the long awaited summer siesta naps

IMG_5827 web

this little plant ….for growing strong despite the cold temperatures / and because it’s from one of these fruits >>

IMG_5765 web

this pot full of paint ….and the good as new balcony

IMG_5613 web

this smell ….and the now ready to drink sirup