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small things that made may days ….


IMG_0566 web

these empty bowls ….well, actually the cake

IMG_0502 Kopie web

these images ….floating imagination

IMG_0640 web

these scene ….someone’s keeping track of the warm spots for the starter hidden in there

IMG_0668 web

this corner ….magically empty today

IMG_0603 web

this sky ….two unexpected days of snow


small things that made my days….





IMG_0221 web

this dock ….braving wintry light with salt water spirit

IMG_0389 web

this fire starter ….sweet little gift

IMG_0497 web

this dent ….traveling imagination at its best

IMG_0520 web

these stitches ….extended time for a beloved long sleeve shirt that soon will be outgrown

IMG_0235 web

these fruits ….and their roasted beans





small things that made my days ….






IMG_9571 web

these colors ….and full blooms

IMG_9316 web

this combination ….and the mist of summer

IMG_9425 web

these berries ….the ultimate ones for this year’s season

IMG_9558 web

this spot of sun ….appreciated if not celebrated in a northbound studio shed