annemarie oechslin





small things that made my days ….


IMG_5724 web

braids ….at last the souvenirs from the woods are back


strawberries ….finally again

IMG_5848 web

drawings ….after dinner or early morning games

IMG_5846 web

dice ….someone’s getting competitive

IMG_5847 web

new tiny bag …old fabric scraps



small things that made my days ….



IMG_5292_ copy

these scribbles ….some old some new


this little colander bowl ….ready for all the strawberries to come

IMG_5373 copy

this table ….and all the things we do at it

IMG_5397 copy

this drawing lesson ….and the concentrated silence for 10 min

IMG_5179 copy

these seeds ….future juicy summer treats 











small things that made my days ….


IMG_4465 web

this kiwi branch ….or the person willing to accept it as a tree

IMG_4213 web

this chips ….sometimes it actually is nice if the mess is golden

IMG_4316 web

this whites ….a new approach to a strange to me glaze

IMG_4241 web

this soon to be soup ….our one and only pumpkin

IMG_4319 web

this gingerbreads ….and the pleasure of leaving cookie cutters aside