annemarie oechslin



small things that made my days ….


IMG_4465 web

this kiwi branch ….or the person willing to accept it as a tree

IMG_4213 web

this chips ….sometimes it actually is nice if the mess is golden

IMG_4316 web

this whites ….a new approach to a strange to me glaze

IMG_4241 web

this soon to be soup ….our one and only pumpkin

IMG_4319 web

this gingerbreads ….and the pleasure of leaving cookie cutters aside










small things that made my days ….


IMG_3307 web

this ink ….new color old pad

IMG_2954 web

this rhubarb strawberry bread ….breakfast-dessert

IMG_3242 web

this aftermath ….because

IMG_3302 web

these tiny little stitches ….re-discovered 

IMG_3021 web

these little guys ….perfection 








noch bis 24. August läuft die Ausstellung Schnee Steine Sommer Staub im Talmuseum Ursern – Mittwoch bis Samstag 16 bis 18h oder auf Anfrage beim Museum



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small things that made my days ….


IMG_2552 web

dotted shells ….and the tiniest sunny side ups

IMG_2587 web

braids ….anything that won’t be braided these days

IMG_2560 web

cats ….the latest cheery adition around here

IMG_2554 web

summer ….colorful days to be filled with whatever comes to mind

IMG_2439 web

sun tea ….bottled summer scents






small things that made my days ….


IMG_2437 web

this piece of shell ….and the breeze of sea that comes with it

IMG_2444 web

this cup ….used on repeat

IMG_2316 web

these lemons ….hand picked for a dear friend

IMG_2433 web

these feet ….and the happiness of being in pairs

IMG_2417 web

this cup ….the other one’s match. on repeat, too